Case Study

A Year of Visits

Our approach to building software is to find inspiration in the challenges faced by our clients and end-users. Sometimes it’s a one-time fix, and sometimes it evolves into something more, which is precisely what happened with our latest product, CoEFFICIENT Visits. This is the story of why and how we created Visits for the field.


Better Together

In 2018, the Square Root team listened in on client, user, and prospect conversations to build empathy and a holistic view of their challenges. From those moments, we learned Field Managers face a sea of ever-changing priorities, with 83% sharing they believe performance would improve with better communication. So, we set out to create a new product in tandem with our users to help them prep for retailer communications. To help our efforts, we partnered with 16 diverse Field Managers at a large OEM for the pilot program of Visits. 


Built for the Field


Field Managers’ jobs are demanding. To coach each retailer, they sift through dozens of reports and documents to piece together a data story of strengths + opportunities. They travel to each retailer in hopes of helping performance, but often spending time dealing with the unexpected. Then after a visit, they write up their notes to comply with corporate policies.


Enter Visits. Visits steadies the focus on a set of recommended metrics and offers a repeatable process for conversation + documentation. To nurture communication at all levels, we designed a workflow to weave into a Field Manager’s natural groove. The accessibility of information and the rapid iteration of feedback created trust and empowerment at all levels.

Using Recommended Metrics


Improvement in CX Scores


Field Managers with Visits


Auto Brands Using Visits



“Visits builds accountability with the dealer to show them – Hey, we’ve got a partnership here, and we’re looking for ways to truly improve your business. Not just come in with items that are important to me or to corporate. We’re here for you and trying to build a successful operation together.”

District Manager, OEM Company

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