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All of Your Stores Moving in the Right Direction

Store Relationship Management: Where Brand Vision Meets Store Execution

Behind every customer interaction is a team of thousands who believe in a company vision. Wal-Mart, The Home Depot, and Starbucks started as ideas that blossomed into iconic global brands. The key was building and leading dedicated teams to deliver these brand visions around the world.

In today’s retail environment, we have to unite thousands of employees under one brand as customer needs constantly evolve.

Growing your brand means leading it through change while keeping its promise.

How do you have a conversation with 100,000 associates to execute your vision? Store Relationship Management is the new way to lead teams and transform your retail operations.

CoEFFICIENT®: Store Relationship Management in Action

CoEFFICIENT is the leading SRM platform that has helped global companies align thousands of employees, revitalize corporate initiatives and ultimately, meet performance goals.

Make Every Store Perform Like Your Best Store

It takes the whole organization to make one customer happy. With Store Relationship Management, you can:

Connect Your Stores


Deliver a cohesive message

Roll out and implement clear strategies

Respond faster to competitive threats


Build Productive Relationships


Improve communications and collaboration

Get buy-in with transparent data

Highlight and fix poor performance issues


Drive Faster Store Responses


Track and evaluate brand experience

Make impactful decisions with data

Keep people accountable and effective

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