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Store Operations Benchmark
Get Customized Insights From Our National Study
In our mission to transform the relationship between brands and stores, we conduct an annual study of over 1,000 District and Store Managers across retail segments to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing retail operations. The end result? A comprehensive retail benchmark of the brand-to-store relationship, with a deep dive on recommendations to move retail forward.

We want to help you leverage this data to see how your organization stacks up. How does your Store Leadership compare to other stores in your industry? Do they feel aligned with company objectives? Are they equipped with the tools they need to deliver a consistent brand experience?

Partner with us and benchmark your stores against the research.

What can I learn by benchmarking my stores?
We collect insights determined by your business objectives. Whether you’re interested in your employee Net Promoter Score or in a more comprehensive overview of your entire store network, we not only facilitate and package that information for you, but also show you how you stack up against other brands in your segment.
How do I get involved?
The process is simple (and free):

Step 1: Complete the web form.

Step 2: A member of our team will reach out to collaborate on your survey to understand your objectives and the benchmarks you want to be compared against. For example, we can show you results against the industry, any desired segment, or similarly-sized retailers.

Step 3: We will generate a custom survey link for you to send to your Store Leadership.

Step 4: Once the results are in, we will prepare a personalized report, including how you stack up against your benchmarks.

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