Sarah Kampman



Sarah drives the Product vision at Square Root. She and her team conduct market and user research, then collaborate with Engineering and Data Science to continually integrate those ideas into an innovative, effective product. Her goal is to replicate Square Root’s individual-focused culture in our products, so that each user is personally equipped to succeed.

Sarah has spent her career at the intersection of users, engineering, and the business at a series of enterprise software companies, from Trilogy to Planview to Crimson/The Advisory Board. Her roles have included Product Manager, User Experience Architect, Technical Writer, and the Managing Director of product management and data science teams. Sarah earned a BA in Cognitive Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

“How is your world changing?”


Published crossword author. Loves to cook, from biryani to banana bread. Sews patchwork quilts so she can play with color. Absorbs books and podcasts in every moment left over.