CoEFFICIENT®: Where Retail Strategy Meets Store Execution

Empower your district managers to improve store performance

Get Everyone – from Corporate to Store Associates – on the Same Page

Most retailers have an agreed-upon strategy, but execution can be a problem. CoEFFICIENT Metrics brings together the right data all in one place to maximize store performance.

Make District Managers More Effective

Your district managers focus on competing priorities including sales, employee retention, training, loss prevention, and merchandise presentation. With an ever-growing to-do list, district managers need a streamlined process to assess store performance. CoEFFICIENT Reviews improves store walkthroughs to deliver on your brand promise.

Empower Stores to Take Actions that Directly Improve Performance

Your stores need to know how they rank across their district, what they need to improve, and how they can get there. With CoEFFICIENT, you can create a clear path to improve all stores’ performance and set the bar higher.

“Our job at the support office is constantly looking for ways to free up time for team members to spend with their customers. We need to eliminate non value added work and provide our team members with the right tools to do their job more effectively and efficiently. ”

From the 2016 Store Manager Report

“We consider ourselves a store support center, rather than a corporate office. We do whatever we can do here to absorb complexity for our stores so they can focus more on taking care of our customers and building the relationships that lead to repeat business. “

From the 2016 Store Manager Report

“We would like for all of our people to be more focused on the performance of the business as a whole, rather than concentrating on individual sites or commerce channels. That will take investment and a better organizational understanding of how our different stores and channels can influence one another.”

From the 2016 Store Manager Report

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