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The Data Point: June 2017

Read our study on store performance, meet with us at Future Stores, view our webinar with Forrester VP and Principal Analyst George Lawrie, and see what more store closures means for retail strategy.

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The Data Point: May 2017

Join our Webinar with Principal Forrester Analyst, How to Deal with Metrics Overload, Meeting People in Their Inbox, and Digital is Dominating Traditional Retail

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The Data Point: March 2017

Understand the complexities of loss prevention, find out how you can stop chasing data, learn why people are you best investment, and stop letting data opportunities slip through the cracks.

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The Data Point: February 2017

Chasing data with little action, flushing business down the toilet, more retail stores to shutter, customers still love shopping in stores, and technology district managers.

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The Data Point: January 2017

How stores can gain sales, auto predictions for 2017, brands are moving beyond millennials, holiday post mortem meetings, and keeping the holiday cheer all year.

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The Data Point: October 2016

Store managers dislike their job, but you can help. A mall in California copes with Macy’s closing and Square Root’s commitment to customer success.

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