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A Return to Our Roots

The lifeblood of Square Root is data; every business we work with depends on it to tell the stories of their stores. But too much data makes it hard to uncover all the unique stories. Often businesses craft a set of broad metrics in hopes of driving consistent experience across locations. That may or may not make sense for each store. That’s where we come in.


Our Philosophy

Since our start, Square Root’s collaborated with retailers on data studies. We unearth the unique possibility for each store through sophisticated data science practices. Instead of a broad set, each store receives personalized + targeted metrics. Adding in curated data amplifies the efforts of store managers and associates. It’s easier to understand the unique opportunity, adapt quickly, and nurture consistent brand experience.


Data Science: Our Bread & Butter


A large retail chain brought us in on a strategic initiative to raise NPS & Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). They shared a familiar refrain, antiquated systems mixed with overwhelming amounts of data weren’t telling the unique story for each store. Conventional wisdom held that 12 key performance indicators (KPIs) impacted CSAT. Store managers were held accountable to these 12 KPIs, which left them feeling overwhelmed and often short of their customer experience (CX) goals.


Through correlation and relation analysis, our algorithm revealed only 3 of the 12 KPIs impacted CX. We also discovered two previously unidentified KPIs. For 40 pilot stores, we whittled the dashboard to 5 KPIs + leveraged supervised machine learning to uncover personalized metrics for each location. We automatically recommended hidden trends to subgroups, dubbed Stores Like Me. Each subgroup received their tailored dashboard, best practices, and an intuitive workflow to nurture data-to-action.










"We were focused on a metric that was down for a few weeks, but it turns out that it was not an area that we needed to focus on. We were too focused on the small details rather than the bigger picture."

Store Manager, Retail Company

Get to know your data with Square Root.