Take Action with CoEFFICIENT®

Take Action with CoEFFICIENT®

Decrease Costs

CoEFFICIENT Insight dashboard decreased costs by 15% and saved reporting time for a major auto OEM.

Improve Reporting Rates

A major OEM benefits from 3x more timely insights delivered to decision makers since their launch of CoEFFICIENT.  Read more.

Grow Sales

An automotive OEM earned an estimated $1.72 million in parts sales when dealers received personalized notifications through CoEFFICIENT featuring projected payouts for performance changes.  Read more.

Hit Your Targets

Dealers who logged into CoEFFICIENT at least two times a week are twice as likely to hit their bonus payout. 

Read more.

Drive Data Accuracy

A large brand saw a 56% increase in data accuracy with CoEFFICIENT’s monthly variance reporting, ensuring the organization was working from validated data sets and insights.

 Read more.

Discover Hidden Drivers

Our Data Scientists discovered 60% of client-identified metrics were not correlated with their focus metric. We found 3 new hidden drivers that really impacted their focus metric.

Hit Your Targets

A major OEM’s customer satisfaction scores increased by 3% in 6 months when their team began focusing on customer satisfaction dashboards in CoEFFICIENT.  Read more.

Accelerate Quickly

We know behavior change can be a challenge. A large brand experienced a 95% adoption rate within 3 months of using CoEFFICIENT, thanks to our best practices and training techniques.

Take Real Actions

Trying to get things done? Action items in CoEFFICIENT are 60% more likely to be completed when a KPI is attached to them.





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