Getting to the Root:

Customer Experience in Retail

Hear from more than 300 retailers and 600 shoppers about the challenges and expectations of delighting customers.

Brick and Mortar Void:


of retailers are only using sales to measure the in-store customer experience.

Fragmented Tools:

tools used by retailers to track and measure customer experience.

Siloed Efforts:


of retailers believe they should do a better job sharing CX insights across the organization.

Overview: 2018 Customer Experience

When seeking great customer experiences, 4 key pillars are top-of-mind for retail customers. See where brands are meeting their expectations (and where there are opportunities for growth).


The Retailer Black Hole

89% of retailers agree that long-term success relies on customer experience success. Brands have plenty of ways to track and understand every aspect of their online business. But the in-store experience? Not so much. Customer experience can feel like a black hole to retailers, consuming much of their organization’s time and resources with only a limited view of its real-life execution. In our latest research, we uncover 3 opportunities in the customer experience black hole.


Your Shoppers Have Spoken

When seeking great customer experiences, 4 key pillars are top-of-mind for retail customers:

  • Associates: “Hovering” employees are a concern for shoppers, but so are unhelpful associates. What’s the perfect amount of interactions?
  • Product: The majority of customers expect stores to offer a selection of products that mirror online options. What happens when it doesn’t?
  • Store Presentation: How long does it take for a shopper to judge a store? Less than a minute.
  • Promotions: Promotions and coupons are an essential marketing tool for brands, but can be detrimental to return shoppers if things go awry. Are they worth it?

Studies in Customer Experience

There’s a lot of talk about customer experience right now, but no one understands it better than the retailers and industry leaders driving change and tackling today’s challenges. Our VP of Product, Sarah Kampman, is interviewing them for our latest blog series, A Study in Customer Experience.

Is Consistency Still King?

In the first of a series, we explore the challenges and solutions for brands to consistently delight customers today.

More coming soon!

More coming soon!