Courtney Branson




Courtney brings her creativity to everything she does and Square Root is no exception. She handles a little bit of everything but is especially good at employee relations and HR. Mom to a little girl, Courtney’s compassion and patience keep our team grounded and thriving. Prior to joining Square Root, she spent years in HR for large companies, focusing on culture and employee morale. She knows just what it takes to pull the best out of people and has a knack for inspiring and connecting the right folks. Courtney has a degree in English with minors in philosophy and history from Texas A&M University. When she’s not busy building our award-winning culture, you’ll find Courtney reading, blogging, hula hooping, or spending time with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and cat.

“Wake up and go be awesome.”


Has an encyclopedic memory — it’s freaky. Is happiest at an art museum in a foreign city. Hula hoops and dances – sometimes at the same time. Has kept a journal since the age of 8 and is now an active blogger. Loves crafting.