Built For the Field

Craft a Retailer Agenda

Create a compelling list of talking points based on store performance, history, and what other stores are discussing. Drop-in easy-to-understand insights around retailer health and trends to add credibility to your agenda.

Keep That Communication Flowing

  • Share new regulations, expectations, and best practices consistently throughout the organization.
  • Circle up feedback and data from retailers to identify challenges and opportunities early.
  • Discover insights to help the Field assess, prioritize, forecast, and support their retailers.
  • Automatically integrate the data from your in-person or virtual visit into other applications such as Contact Reports or Corporate Reporting.

Make Every Conversation Count

Cut through the noise of ever-changing priorities + initiatives, and help the field translate your strategy to the retailers in every conversation.

  • Influence their agendas with Required Topics automatically placed in each visit to ensure timely topics rise to the top.
  • Let our data science engine unearth up-to-date Recommendations based on targets and how similar retailers are performing.

Available Wherever You Go, Wherever You Work

On the mobile-friendly platform, easily drag-and-drop topics, add notes via dictation, and share a collaborative agenda. Your field has the flexibility to connect with retailers whenever, however, they need, so your most time-sensitive communications are heard, even from home.

Support + Feedback

Visits is purpose-built to support the field, a function we see as critical for clear communication + execution of your brand, goals, and customer experience. Especially right now. We’re here for you, your field, and your retailers every day.


"The recommended part of the tool is great because it basically says here are your priorities. Here are your top priorities that you need to review at the dealership to coach them on how to improve on those metrics."

District Manager, OEM Company

Get Visits, built for the field.