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Introducing CoEFFICIENT® Visits

for High-Impact retailer visits 

User Features

Set the Agenda 

Optimize valuable face-to-face time with your retailers by crafting an agenda ahead of time that includes KPIs, PDFs, and custom reports

Coordinate with other field and vendor visits to the retailer to align around a consistent story

Discover Data

Use Recommended Metrics to automatically spot trends, without hours of analysis

Corporate teams can set specific metrics as Required, to focus nationwide attention on key drivers of success

Achieve Alignment Throughout the Enterprise

District Managers’ jobs are difficult. They suffer through disparate data sources, poor communication resulting in even worse alignment, and a lack of accountability. In response, Square Root built Visits to help District Managers promote alignment between corporate and retailers, ensuring that every visit to a retailer is a high-impact visit.

Visits drives accountability, alignment, and, ultimately, revenues. Make your District Managers happier and more productive. Learn more about CoEFFICIENT now.