Bring Your Goals to Life

Say hello to CoEFFICIENT RPM, your Retail Plan Manager.

Create, track, and coach on goals from anywhere

You have your goals. You have your plan. What’s next?

Meet our newest invention, Retail Plan Manager. We wove agility into automotive’s business planning to craft a collaborative, data-rich, and adaptable tool. Retailers use historical data to design a personalized + dynamic plan aligned with corporate goals. RPM visualizes your impact, supports sustainable habits, and helps you plan smart.

Goals Stay Top of Mind All Year Long

Annual goals often fall to the wayside with forgotten New Year’s resolutions. RPM is your support system. It lets your team partner on goal-setting, adapt tactics or targets as the world changes, and keeps it all transparent. A visual activity feed logs the changes, and encourages celebrating milestones along the way!

Keep Track of Conversations

Comments let retailers input their commitments ⎼ the unique way they’ll contribute to the brand’s higher vision. Conversations throughout the year are documented + tied to goals, metrics, and to-dos. Everyone stays in the loop, making it easy for the field to remember and discover ways to support their folks.

Intuitive Workflow Built for You

We tailor RPM’s workflow to the natural rhythms and norms of your company. There’s no paper or toggling between emails. Simply log in for the right data at the right time. We’ll guide you through actions like checking-in on progress, reviewing insights, and collaborating with others.


"Every year it was the same problem. We’d create a plan and share it with the retailer, but the book starts collecting dust by February. By April, every region was telling its own story with data. CoEFFICIENT RPM keeps the plan alive the entire year and keeps the story straight."

Zone Director, OEM Company

Let RPM take you from 0 to 60 in less time.

It’s a seamless goal-setting workflow so that your team can become more:



Update goals throughout the year to keep up with new priorities in our ever-changing world.


Automated reports keep tracking top of mind at every level.


Everyone contributes to the company themes in their own way.


Engaging retailers in goal-setting fosters buy-in + results.


Set goals tied to the big picture and, together, decide on a plan to make them happen.


Easily access past conversations and discover root causes to help you stay on track.

We make improvements easier.