Show Your Field Some Love
CoEFFICIENT puts the field first, providing them with personalized insights + smart analytics tied to real, everyday actions. Your field feels empowered, stays nimble, and creates business change faster.

Insights + Visits: The Dynamic Duo

At the heart of CoEFFICIENT lives our dynamic duo, Insights and Visits. Together, they turn your data into action. Insights visualizes a data story for each retailer to help the field quickly find unique opportunities. The opportunities move into Visits, a place to prepare customized coaching + next steps. Your field spends less time in spreadsheets, and more time with each retailer building trusting relationships and driving strategy.

Tell a Better Story

Our data pipeline connects disparate data sources allowing our data science engine to correlate data and recommend metrics. The field gets a per-retailer digest of what’s happening and what to do next.

Celebrate the Good

We bubble up positive trends, compare locations with the Retailers Like Me leaderboard, and leverage your field’s knowledge with Community, a sharing of best practices between peers.


Buttoned-up Process

For peace of mind and transparency, there’s documentation. We simplify the compliance paper trail so it’s there if you need remediation. With a click, Visits become formalized Contact Reports.

One-Stop Shop

 We’re all about easy. Everyone from corporate to retailers has everything they need to understand and improve each retailer’s performance, including Reports, Metrics, and Resources, all in one place.

Concierge Approach

Our innovative + encouraging team is with you every step of the way. We bring a concierge approach to Customer Success to make you and your field successful not just on day one, but on day one thousand.



Our workflow shines a light on hidden data patterns and connects the field to recommended actions + topics. Conversations with retailers become data-driven, actionable, and consultative.

Make Your Field MORE actionable. 


Go ahead & check ‘em off


Seamless integrations

Single sign-on

Intuitive workflow

Data storytelling

Configurable set-up



Role-based access