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Introducing CoEFFICIENT®

Make Every Store Perform Like Your Best Store


CoEFFICIENT leads your multi-unit enterprise to be more nimble, stay competitive, and create change faster. Empower your field teams to change the in-store behaviors that drive performance.

Get Corporate, Field, and Store Managers On The Same Page

Uncover strengths and weaknesses of each store.

Identify opportunities and a clear plan of action.

Show relative performance across similar stores.

Distill in-store observations for leadership.

Create Real Change In Stores

Continually raise the bar of performance for all stores.

Create and share best practices from top-performing stores.

Quickly react to market demands and brand crises.

Increase Field Effectiveness

Decide where your team’s time is most valuable.

Implement store actions tied to corporate strategy.

Drive accountability down to the store level.

Understand why initiatives are critical to overall strategy.

“Our dealers know that every customer that leaves their store is going somewhere else. CoEFFICIENT helps them know where they need to improve and drives accountability.”

Anne Corrao, Director, Nissan Sales Operations


What’s Your Industry?


Focus your field managers on driving dealership performance. Learn how with CoEFFICIENT.


Empower your district managers to improve store performance. Learn how with CoEFFICIENT.

CoEFFICIENT Platform Benefits


No hardware or software to install or manage. Set up is easy, cost effective, and fast.

Brand Identity

Our white-label platform is customizable to meet brand standards.


Mobile and web applications, supported by open APIs.


UI adapts to any screen size, making it easy to use on all types of devices.

Role-Based Access

Set permissions by role, giving users access to only what they need.


Seamless integration with existing systems, including single sign-on services.

Workflow-Based Planning

Users are guided through the platform experience, making task completion seamless.


Accessible anywhere—except maybe from a remote mountain top.

Multi-Layered Security

Highest level of platform security, ensuring data is only accessible by approved users.

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