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Adapt Dashboards to Take Action
CoEFFICIENT®: Deliver Insights. Take Action. All in One Platform.
Your field and store teams use dashboards and reports, but these tools often fall short of effecting real change in your stores. District Managers miss opportunities to drive store performance, and you lack visibility into what’s getting done after reports leave your inbox. CoEFFICIENT® software evolves dashboards by surfacing insights through machine learning and enabling users to take action, all in one platform.

Data Science

Go Beyond Data Analysis

  • Curate and display metrics optimized for field and store users
  • Update metrics to reflect changes in business priorities
  • Notify users when KPIs exceed normal thresholds

Machine Learning

Adapt Dashboards to User Needs

  • Show dynamic interface personalized to each user’s workflow
  • Recommend metrics based on user role, interactions, and feedback
  • Highlight outliers and exceptions that require attention

Actionable Workflows

Connect Insights to Execution

  • Create work plans with goal-oriented metrics attached
  • Collaborate with stores and understand what’s getting done
  • Collect and aggregate feedback through standard survey templates
Action plans with a metric attached are 60% more likely to be completed.
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