Calm Mattier



A rockstar coder with the style to match, Calm brings a sense of daring and individuality to the engineering team. They are always trying to push themself and their team to take risks, embrace change, and most importantly, have fun!

Calm has been programming since middle school, when they created their first Pokemon web forum, and since then they have expanded to work on video games, enterprise web applications, point of sale systems, and financial payment solutions. They have held positions as Engineer, Architect, and CTO.

Calm has a degree in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a focus on Quantum Mechanics and Particle Physics. A completely self-taught programmer, they are constantly picking up new skills and abilities as a regular patron of Youtube tutorials: modifying cars, building computers, and anything else that catches their interest.

“I’ve been told I live up to my namesake.”


Models for photoshoots, magazines, and runway shows. Loves Japanese Harajuku street fashion. Is a political activist and organizer, fighting for the rights of various marginalized groups through direct action efforts. Passionate about video games, and regularly participates in competitive e-sports.