CoEFFICIENT®: Where OEM Strategy Meets Dealer Operations

Focus your field on driving dealer performance

Align Your Brand from HQ to Dealerships

Today’s car buyers are smart. They research brands online and read about other consumers’ experience at specific dealerships. CoEFFICIENT helps your Field ensure your dealers represent your brand and execute your strategy. CoEFFICIENT unifies all the data you need to adjust tactics and reward top performers. From web leads to CPO inventory to service lane metrics, CoEFFICIENT is where the data tells the full story of each retailer’s performance.

Boost Field Effectiveness

Your Field spends upwards of two days a week on data analysis, leaving them less time with the retailers. CoEFFICIENT Visits helps your Field be more consultative. A simpler workflow and automatically recommended metrics means less time prepping, and more time coaching. 

Document Dealer Contacts, Better

Franchised dealer networks require the Field to follow formal documentation processes. CoEFFICIENT Contact Reports lets your Field easily capture legal documentation of their dealer visits. Configurable approval and archival settings ensure that compliance requirements are met with minimum effort.

“By providing us with progressive technology and meaningful, real-time data, Square Root has helped Nissan become an innovation leader in the Parts and Service business.”

Kent O’Hara, Vice President, Nissan Motor Corporation

“My contact reports went from 45 minutes to 5 minutes with CoEFFICIENT.”

Robert Kahro, Dealer Operations Manager, Nissan Canada District Manager

“CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales gives us more accurate sales information over the weekend faster. The process is more efficient because the system is easy to use.”

Sandy Stallsmith, Senior Manager, Sales Ops, Nissan North America, Inc.

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