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After almost a decade working in automotive tech, Chris Taylor knew it was time for something different. He set out to start his own company, but without an idea—or a team—he had to take a non-traditional approach. Using his network and skill set, he set up consulting jobs and hired great people along the way. Many times he found himself saying to clients, “If I can get Elizabeth, would you hire us to solve this problem?” And, saying to Elizabeth (now our COO), “If we got this job, would you come work with me?”

After we had a few jobs under our belt and a few more join the team, a customer came to us with a specific problem.

“They had a problem figuring out what a store was good and bad at, and getting the accountability to fix it.”

Chris Taylor, CEO and Founder

As we dug into the data, we uncovered new factors that made an individual store successful, some of which our customer hadn’t even considered. In doing this work, we realized we’d struck a chord and quickly discovered we were the only ones solving this problem. And with that, we had our ah-ha moment. Inspired by our customer, we set out to build a platform for this specific issue.

From that point forward, the team was focused in one direction. Our store relationship management platform, CoEFFICIENT, was born.

Today, we combine data science and high-touch customer service. Guided by our foundational roots, we create new iterations of our software quickly and evolve our platform based on our customers’ needs.
“We want to walk a mile in your shoes.”

Guillermo Leon, VP Customer Success

We’re in the business of building relationships and understanding needs. Instead of pure data analysis, we frame conversations. Our goal is to break the information down and pull out what will drive value, helping you maintain focus and enabling action-oriented conversations.

This helps us make the best use of your time and money, decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies.

Once our software is implemented, we focus on making it useful. This also means we move quickly and purposefully, helping you realize value fast. To help drive adoption, we have a professional trainer on staff and conduct regular trainings and webinars. We also maintain a professional response time, and our agile development approach allows us to respond to necessary improvements quickly.
In 2013, the team came together to create a set of four core values which leads our direction today. These values not only guide us in our day-to-day work, but they are the standard by which we operate.

We help our customers THRIVE by building a platform that gives them more time to focus on projects that matter.

We invest our time and resources in solving the problems that will impact your bottom line. Our software is the definition of BE CUSTOMER INSPIRED, as the first iteration of store relationship management was developed to solve a specific customer problem.

Lead by an agile development philosophy, our software is always evolving. We always encourage our Radicals to THINK BIG – DO BIGGER when it comes to solving any challenge.

We’re only as strong as our relationships. We aim to PARTNER well with our customers and immerse ourselves in their business challenges. Internally, we work together to help each other and our customers succeed.





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