Our Radical Journey

Our Story

Founded in 2006

Chris Taylor founded Square Root in 2006 to answer the question: How can I help automotive OEMs identify the unique opportunities at each retailer?

Our answer? The field! We believe in the power of the field manager to foster positive change in automotive. Through user feedback and research, we built a customer-inspired product, CoEFFICIENT, to amplify the field’s efforts with curated data and an intuitive workflow. We help field managers discover opportunity at each retailer and translate into everyday actions.

Our Product


We believe companies operate better when they have the insight and software tools to act on their data. But there wasn’t a tool to integrate, correlate, and just make sense of all the data collected by automotive OEMs. So, we built one. CoEFFICIENT unlocks the potential in data to help every retailer understand + act on their unique data patterns and opportunities.

But, we’re not just a software company. Along with our product, we bring our people and process for a concierge experience. We tackle some of the toughest problems in automotive with our clients.

Our team

Austin, TX

We’ve been building up our team for a decade. With Austin’s quirky spirit as a backdrop, we’re a team of innovators, analytical minds, creative spirits, and folks that get automotive. We carefully add to our team to create an inclusive, thoughtful, open-minded, and welcoming environment for all. 

Our Culture

Customer Inspired

We believe in our values: Think Big, Do Bigger, Be Customer Inspired, Partner, and Thrive. They’re a guiding light for who we are and who we aspire to be. Our values weave into the way we work with each other, the way we work with clients, and the way we work with our community.  

Our Clients


We build lasting partnerships; our first client is still a client today. We view our team as an extension of our client’s team; it’s not just about the software, but how we customize and iterate upon the experience, training, and service. There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather a genuine interest in helping people. 

Our Love for Auto

Lastly, we have a thing for automotive. We’re inspired by the innovation, freedom, and rebellion within the industry. Get to know a few of our Radicals + their cars.