New product offering gives corporate retail an integrated work-flow and automated reporting to make annual business goal-setting a truly collaborative and sustainable process.

Austin, Texas (October 19th, 2020) ─ Square Root, recently named to Fast Company’s list of The 100 Best Workplaces for Innovators, continues to be a leader in automotive field management by introducing an innovative solution for corporate goal-setting. Launched today, CoEFFICIENT RPM streamlines a manual and varied process into one that’s truly sustainable and collaborative.

Corporate teams use annual planning to set a high bar for the coming year’s performance, but the current process is manual and inefficient, so most business plans aren’t updated consistently. With CoEFFICIENT RPM, the process is integrated into field + dealer workflows using the modules that already exist in CoEFFICIENT. The numbers automatically roll up for corporate tracking all on an app designed for the field.

With CoEFFICIENT RPM you can:

Input Retailer Goals

Collaborate with retailers to set KPI-specific goals.

Create a Plan of Action

Craft a retailer-specific approach to hitting those goals.

Monitor Progress on Goals

Automatically track the metrics that matter to keep retailers accountable.

Monitor Progress on Goal-Setting

Track all locations to see which still need to submit a plan for the year.

Using data dashboards to thoughtfully gauge individual performance, the field can work directly with the retailer to set ambitious, achievable goals that align with corporate strategy and direction. All goals become trackable metrics within CoEFFICIENT. As part of the RPM workflow, an action plan can then be created with documentation of specific tactics and best practices to follow. Integrated dashboards allow the field and retail users to check on goal progress throughout the entire year. If needed, field managers can course-correct using up-to-date, visually appealing data that can be added to a Contact Report with one click.

And with many in-person and travel restrictions still in place for safety, CoEFFICIENT RPM supports your remote teams so they can continue working toward goals from anywhere.

“We’ve built our business around turning data into action,” said Sarah Kampman, VP of Product at Square Root. “CoEFFICIENT RPM extends the concept to annual business planning, so that January’s ambitious goals become sustained action — and results — across the entire year. We’re excited to watch our OEM partners hit their goals with the support of CoEFFICIENT RPM.”

Learn more about CoEFFICIENT RPM and how Square Root can help your field here.

About Square Root

Founded in 2006, Square Root develops data curation software for automotive OEMs to empower field and dealer leadership. Their software and data as a service platform, CoEFFICIENT®, blends data science and collaborative workflows to turn disparate data into actionable insights. Square Root supports over half of the major OEMs and partners with software providers for most U.S. dealers. Square Root has received accolades for its culture in local and national press, including Fast Company, Fortune, and Inc. magazines. Follow their journey at