By promoting STEM education in girls, Square Root hopes to plant the seeds for a more inclusive future in tech.

 In 2015, we launched Square Roots to give back to the causes near and dear to our hearts with a focus on family and inclusion in tech. In Girlstart, we saw the opportunity to partner with an organization dedicated to accessible tech education and helping girls thrive.

Having access to STEM education and female role models is vital to cultivating a diverse and inclusive world of tech. Girlstart delivers just that. The women of Square Root, dubbed the Radical Girl Crew, come from a multitude of backgrounds, each with their own stories about being a woman in technology. We take those experiences as fuel to create a thoughtful working environment at Square Root where we can all thrive, and inspire the next generation by partnering with Girlstart.


“I love that Girlstart fosters authenticity alongside a love for STEM. A STEM career is about breaking the mold, being curious, and most importantly, being your true self. That’s something my 9-year old, science + sparkle loving self, can appreciate, and something I can share with my daughter.”

Courtney Branson, Sr. Director of Culture + People

In 2020, Square Root invested their giving fund into Girlstart’s innovative STEM at Home to make it accessible to more girls. During the Summer, 1,029 girls attended Camp at Home. Via activities like decoding hieroglyphics, creating moon craters, and role-playing robots, girls embraced bravery, creativity, and curiosity, and met female role models in STEM careers they might now aspire to be. Our VP of Product, Sarah Kampman, joined the line-up as a role model in STEM.

Sarah shared why she pursued technology, “I love solving problems, and the fact that you can build solutions so fast with computers is awesome. It’s one thing to solve a problem in your head, but to see it actually come to life, and make someone’s day easier, is really fulfilling.”

Here’s what two of the girls had to say about the experience.
“Girlstart Summer Camp at Home has inspired me to continue learning about science-based careers and activities, so I can have fun and learn a lot! The activities have sparked several interests in me that I hope to learn more about!” – Anushka

“Girlstart Summer Camp at Home has inspired me to want to get a STEM job. It has taught me to never give up if my invention has not worked.” – Ava

Learn more about Girlstart and explore their suite of activities at The program supports children of all ages to engage in hands-on STEM fun from home.

About Square Root

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