Hooray! Square Root promotes Mark Gorman to the VP of Engineering.

Mark Gorman joined Square Root as the Analytics Platform Architect in 2014 and grew along with Square Root into an engineering director role. After being at the helm of data engineering for three-years, Mark stepped into the VP of Engineering role last Fall.

When asked to reflect back on why he joined Square Root, Mark was quick to say, “possibility.” He continued, “Square Root had everything I was looking for: a chance to work with data scientists, a data-intensive product, a technical stack leveraging cloud technology, a high-energy startup, and a positive culture.”

Over the years, Mark further nurtured that positive culture by building out a talented and diverse engineering team that spans infrastructure, data, and application development. Other high points include his efforts with data engineering to create a powerful cloud-native data pipeline, the multitude of Radical Hackathon projects now in production, and of course, his poker-inspired take on seeking risk.


“Mark brings thoughtful and creative perspectives on technical principles as well as Engineering culture. He nurtures the risk-seeking behavior we crave with kindness and confidence.”

Chris Taylor, CEO + Founder

Mark’s blend of technical expertise and customer empathy leveled up the development of our product, CoEFFICIENT, including an architecture overhaul internally dubbed “Make It Easy, Make It Scale.” Through these efforts, Mark built up trust with the team and a reputation for embodying our value, Think Big, Do Bigger.

Chris continued, “Bringing Mark onto the executive team became a no-brainer. I kept finding myself in conversations where I needed Mark’s voice to guide our company decisions. He brings energy, pragmatism, and the right balance of technical and business savvy.”

Mark will be putting those talents to good use right away. For 2020, he’ll lead the charge in simplifying our technical footprint in the next-gen of CoEFFICIENT. Joining Mark on this endeavor is Engineering Manager, Calm Mattier. Calm joined Square Root in June 2018 as a Software Engineer and quickly became regarded as someone who relishes calculated risks and building up those around them. Shortly after Mark moved into his new role, we needed an inspiring + adaptable Engineering Manager, which he found in Calm. Mark and Calm will continue to foster experimentation, learning, and big ideas. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Congrats to Mark Gorman and Calm Mattier for their growth and intrepid leadership!

About Square Root

Founded in 2006, Square Root develops data curation software for field managers in automotive and retail. Our OEM operations platform, CoEFFICIENT®, blends a collaborative process and technical expertise to turn data insights into everyday actions. Automotive clients include CDK Global, LLC, Mazda North American Operations, Nissan North America, Subaru of America, and Volkswagen Group of America. We’ve received accolades for our culture in local and national press, including Fortune and PEOPLE magazines.