What it Means to be on PEOPLE’s Companies That Care List

JULY 24, 2019

Hi, Readers, 

This morning, PEOPLE Magazine and Great Place to Work named Square Root #27 on their annual 50 Companies That Care list.

In the write-up, our Learn Anything program shines through. This benefit gives each Radical (our moniker for employees) $3,000 per year to truly, utterly, really learn ANYTHING. Folks have attended conferences + college courses, traveled the world with newfound language skills, and tried mountaineering, sailing, scuba diving, flower arranging, piano, guitar, and even the banjo. The program, launched in January 2015, holds a special place in my heart. 

Learn Anything is the manifestation of a desire to make our #THRIVE value real. As a company, we decided personal and professional growth mattered so much to us that it deserved its own value. Like many companies, writing our values was the easy step, making ‘em come to life was much harder. We even wrote a blog last year about the evolution of Learn Anything. (HR Be Nimble)  

The catchy name certainly grabs attention. Behind the scenes, you’ll find our team taking the spirit to heart and owning their growth. On day one, we trust + empower everyone to seek out and direct their growth. From there, we support learning via 1-on-1s from their manager, our CEO, and myself, annual goal-setting, and even a program dubbed Knitting, which gives Radicals a forum to share learnings back to the team.

 “It’s what happens after the class/conference/adventure that’s etched Learn Anything’s place at Square Root.”

And that’s not even the cool part. It’s what happens after the class/conference/adventure that’s etched Learn Anything’s place at Square Root. We’ve seen people be promoted and transferred across Square Root. Individuals who struggled to speak up in team meetings, now present internally + externally with confidence and poise. Some avenues are emotional, deep, and take Radicals on a journey, whether it’s through writing, meditation, yoga, or more. For me, it’s been a career highlight to watch individuals meaningfully evolve. For example, a Radical uncomfortable with risk set out solo on a global trek and came back embracing the risks at work. There are dozens of stories of Radicals facing their fears in creative ways, showing this program builds more than just new knowledge. 

And it all started with us advocating for personal and professional growth. It didn’t happen overnight. Even when the program launched, it didn’t succeed right away, but we stayed with the journey of how to make our values real. 

That dedication to making our values real bolsters my confidence in Square Root to continually seek ways to be a great place to work. Being alongside folks who care about each other, our clients, and their work is why I came to Square Root in the first place. 

Landing on Companies That Care feels like an apt honor for a company whose sincerity flows into every piece especially our culture. 

Interested in joining our Radical team? Check out our open positions or drop me a note at work@square-root.com


Courtney, The SR Happiness Captain


Courtney brings her creativity to everything she does and Square Root is no exception. She handles a little bit of everything but is especially good at employee relations and HR. Mom to a little girl, Courtney’s compassion and patience keep our team grounded and thriving. Prior to joining Square Root, she spent years in HR for large companies, focusing on culture and employee morale. She knows just what it takes to pull the best out of people and has a knack for inspiring and connecting the right folks. Courtney has a degree in English with minors in philosophy and history from Texas A&M University. When she’s not busy building our award-winning culture, you’ll find Courtney reading, blogging, hula hooping, or spending time with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and cat.


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