Square Root Culture Champion, Courtney Branson, Receives 2019 Leadership Award from Great Place to Work

Square Root is proud to announce our Culture Champion, Courtney Branson, is a recipient of the 2019 Leadership Award from Great Place to Work. As our director of People + Culture, she leads our Tamers of Chaos (aka, operations team) as they tackle everything from events and IT to general office vibes. A certified HR professional, Courtney helps our Radical team stay true to our values and builds programs that are always grown from our team’s needs.

As a parenting blogger and regular contributor to HR Advisor, she is always sharing her talents in both her personal and professional worlds. She is most inspired by writing, reading, her strong intuition, and her daughter, Henley. We are so proud of Courtney and everything she brings to our team.

Read her favorite innovations and milestones from the past 5 years at Square Root:

Building a culture is a fun puzzle of putting together the different pieces of values, mission, and vision and making them come to life through your people. We started with our first Radical culture survey five years ago, where we took an anonymous pulse of how Square Root is doing as a company and asked if there was anything we could do better. Since then, we’ve been co-creating the culture ever since! Some of my favorite innovations are…

  • Kudos, our recognition program through Bonusly: It nurtures gratitude and, more than anything, it crafts a shared understanding of our values. Radicals are able to pat each other on the back with notes (and gifs!), giving each other bonus points for embodying our values. Bonusly is so popular, it’s become a verb around these parts!
  • Our Manager + Sensitivity Training Programs: Creating these trainings stretched me the most in my five years at Square Root. Built from scratch, the programs were inspired by real issues within our organization. To fit our culture, I added a bit of whimsy to every element. I wanted to inspire our team to treat one another with the level of respect everyone deserves, and inspire our managers to continually bring out the best in our Radical bunch. Every year, I hold myself to the same standard and think, “How can I create training that is inspirational, enlightening, and aids everyone in growing?”
  • Square Roots, our charitable giving organization: With Square Roots, we give back to our local communities. This project was close to my heart and something I fought to launch. Now, it’s one of the pillars of our culture. Read more about it.
  • Empathy is Everything: With the help + inspiration of so many folks, we launched an empathy goal last year! In 2018, Radicals spent time getting to know our clients and prospects + sharing what they’ve learned. This nurtured a culture of empathy for our users and prospects, but also for each other. It felt full circle back to my first project here, the culture survey. Everything I’ve accomplished here has been through an empathetic spirit, and this goal felt like we had truly gone back to our roots.

It’s an honor to receive the 2019 Leadership Award, but it’s also a reminder of how grateful I am to the team for continuing to trust me with their honest feedback and inspiring me to build a culture for all to #Thrive. Tomorrow we’re sharing the results of our 10th culture survey and I can’t wait to see where this one takes us.


Interested in learning more about our culture or joining our team of Radicals? Read more about the culture Courtney has helped us build and our current open roles.