Rad Love for Square Root

FEBRUARY 14, 2018

Our folks hail from all over the world, each bringing a story chock-full of different experiences and perspectives. Somehow we all carved a path to this quaint city and 40+ person startup to snag the moniker, Radical. As our stories weave together it’s nice to remember they all began with a question, “Why are you interested in Square Root?”

During interviews, we tend to be the ones digging into the experiences and perspectives. However, every so often a candidate asks one of my favorite questions, “Why do you work at Square Root?” It’s top of my list because not only do I want to share my Square Root story—one that’s full of growth and new beginnings—but I also want candidates to ask other Radicals. They won’t receive a cookie cutter answer from anyone.

We all think this place is pretty rad. So to give you a snapshot into our Radical life, we asked our folks to share Why they work at Square Root. With answers as diverse as them, they did not disappoint. Go on, take a gander!


“I love being surrounded by so many smart and talented people. Each day there are new challenges and when you are continually surrounded by such a high caliber team, you are in a place of constant learning and discovery”

Ryan Stevens, Director of Design


“Our office feels like home, literally. We work out of five homes in Clarksville and they’re pretty cozy. While others stress about parking downtown, we’re meditating in our living room, hugging our dogs, or making terrariums. If you’re in the neighborhood and hear a dinner bell, it’s because we’ve landed a new client. Come and celebrate with us!”

Emily Worthington, Employee Experience Manager


“We’re solving a problem often overlooked—communication between the people setting company goals and the people making them happen day-to-day. Everyone plays an important role in finding success, and Square Root’s product and culture reflect that.”

Kate Walters, Developer


“Career goals at Square Root are supported by mentorship, a learn anything budget (that really is for learning anything!), and regular 1×1’s with our CEO to talk about anything! More than that, though, we have a team that supports growth by always providing new and different opportunities to develop skills and show off ones you’ve gained.”

Mary Feild, Marketing Manager


“I find our projects exciting. We work with clients to identify a key metric to improve. Using data science and technology we formulate a plan to help the client move that metric in a positive direction. Through this, We’re able to show strong business value.”

Jessica Bouthillier, Director of Customer Success


“Square Root invests in work/life balance. They take care to include my family regularly in events like holiday parties, the family picnic, happy hour invites, and much more. When they do, the attention to detail and care to make the moment special for us really makes an impact. It isn’t just checking a box.”

Eric Hansen, Sales Director

Hopefully, you got a glimpse into our Radical life and why we’re at Square Root! Interested in adding your story to our line-up? Drop our People + Culture team a line now at work@square-root.com.

Courtney brings her creativity to everything she does and Square Root is no exception. She handles a little bit of everything but is especially good at employee relations and HR. Mom to a little girl, Courtney’s compassion and patience keep our team grounded and thriving. Prior to joining Square Root, she spent years in HR for large companies, focusing on culture and employee morale. She knows just what it takes to pull the best out of people and has a knack for inspiring and connecting the right folks. Courtney has a degree in English with minors in philosophy and history from Texas A&M University. When she’s not busy building our award-winning culture, you’ll find Courtney reading, blogging, hula hooping, or spending time with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and cat.