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Nissan Canada Improves Customer Satisfaction Through CoEFFICIENT®


Nissan Canada (NCI) wanted to implement an incentive program to improve customer satisfaction across their dealer base. To drive adoption, NCI needed a clear way for dealers to understand current performance in the program and what it takes to meet their goals. They also wanted to provide district managers a way to ensure dealers are focused on customer satisfaction during their visits.


With CoEFFICIENT, Nissan Canada launched a comprehensive customer loyalty program and roll it out to all their dealers. This included:

  • Dealer dashboards around customer satisfaction metrics
  • Dealer visit reports that captured field conversations around this topic
  • Reporting to help regional managers identify the effectiveness of the program and their field staff

The platform was intuitive, comprehensive, and easy to use which drove adoption.


With the launch of this program, dealer usage of dashboards specific to this initiative increased by 36%. Reports mentioning customer satisfaction increased by 57% over 6 months. In conjunction with program adoption and usage of CoEFFICIENT, Nissan Canada saw customer satisfaction scores increase by 3% over the same period.


More reports mentioning customer satisfaction in 6 months


Increase in dealer adoption of the initiative-specific platform


Increase in customer satisfaction scores in 6 months

“CoEFFICIENT gave me the platform to roll out this program across my entire field team and dealer base to help us improve customer satisfaction.”

Gilbert Chan, Customer Experience Performance Planner, Nissan Canada Inc

Corporate Benefits

• Motivate dealers to change their behaviors to improve customer satisfaction

• Roll out a program seamlessly across their entire field staff and dealer base

• Show metrics related to this initiative in one place

• Capture reporting on conversations from each dealer visit

• Gain alignment across field and dealers on an important initiative

Field Benefits

• Use dashboards to communicate performance to dealers

• See all relevant metrics and information in one place

• Document dealer conversations as part of their current workflow

Dealer Benefits

• View their goals and incentives

• Understand current performance

• Identify ways to improve to hit their goals







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