CoEFFICIENT® Helps NMAC Achieve New Vehicle Penetration Goal


Nissan knows that getting customers to fi nance through Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp (NMAC) helps drive customer loyalty and retention. NMAC has to work with dealers to hit their penetration targets, but they have diffi culty consolidating data across multiple systems and delivering clear, consistent metrics. District managers would pull the same metrics from multiple systems only to fi nd the data didn’t match. This inability to fi nd consistent information left them overwhelmed and confused, and limited their abilities to help dealers. NMAC needed a way to consolidate and simplify their data in order to help district managers and dealers drive increased penetration.


With the help of CoEFFICIENT, NMAC rolled out new dashboards across the organization, allowing for more consistent reporting and equipping district managers to better coach dealers on performance against penetration objectives. With this solution in place, data is now fresh, relevant, and housed in one system. The intuitive software enables dealers to clearly understand their performance and have actionable, collaborative discussions with their district managers during visits.


NMAC achieved its new vehicle penetration goal in 2016 with the adoption of CoEFFICIENT.

Corporate Benefits

• Show accurate and actionable data

• Provide a simple way to access data through an intuitive platform

• Deliver a consistent message to create alignment and focus on top goals

• Drive accountability through the fi eld

Dealer Benefits

• Understand current performance

• Identify opportunities for improvement

Field Benefits

• See a holistic view of data to trust its validity

• Achieve buy-in with dealers by helping them better understand performance

• Engage dealers in more productive, actionable conversations

“The CoEFFICIENT platform helps us provide consistent data to all our district managers so they understand how they are performing towards their goals and where to improve. This drove alignment across our fi eld and dealers and helped us hit our penetration goal for 2016.”

– Mark Lubbers, Senior Manager Sales Operations, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp







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