Webinar | Beyond Big Data: Elevate the Customer Experience with Actionable Analytics

MAY 25, 2017

To anyone in the retail industry, it’s no surprise that today’s brick-and-mortar operations leaders have their hands full. They are tasked with measuring, reporting, and acting on thousands of metrics for a number of stores across many locations. On top of this, many store operators are using legacy technologies that are not only difficult to use, but aren’t purpose-built for solving their current challenges.

“With so many complexities and limitations, it can be difficult to stay competitive.”

With so many complexities and limitations, it can be difficult to stay competitive. Retail operators need new store performance technologies that connect the dots across their locations, give them a complete view of store performance, help them identify areas of improvement, and activate changes through stores.

Square Root commissioned a study with Forrester Consulting to learn how retail operations leaders can gain the best view of store performance and the impact it can have on customer experience and loyalty. We invite you to join our webinar featuring Forrester VP and Principal Analyst George Lawrie on Thursday, June 1st at 11 AM ET to get a sneak peek at the results.


  • Preview the results from, “Close The Gap Between High- and Low-Performing Stores,” a May 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Square Root that reveals insights into how retailers can win, serve, and retain customers through focused metrics and an empowered workforce.
  • Learn which key performance indicators are a top priority for improving store performance.
  • Understand barriers and blockers that retail operators face and how to avoid them when improving poorly performing stores.
  • Discover the benefits and tactics to align poorly performing stores to strong performing stores.

Join our webinar June 1st to learn more about the Forrester Report and how Store Relationship Management technologies can improve you store performance. All registrants will receive a copy of the full study.


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