CoEFFICIENT®, Square Root’s full-service SaaS platform, helps multi-unit enterprises improve brand quality and store performance. Using enterprise data, the platform drives alignment in large organizations and holds stores accountable to brand standards. Everyone in the enterprise, from the corporate leader to the store manager, can leverage data to focus on the right actions that impact store performance. A recent enhancement to the platform will help benefit the most mobile group within the enterprise: District Managers. Multi-unit organizations rely heavily on this group to ensure brand consistency and organizational compliance by visiting stores.

After surveying more than 900 District Managers, we found they spend on average more than 50% of their time on the road preparing for, conducting and reporting on store visits, piecing together different devices and reports, and relying on outdated tools to do their jobs. With this mobility, we knew this group needed a platform that fit their role and lifestyle.

For this reason, today we announced enhancements to our CoEFFICIENT mobile application, which makes measuring store performance easier for District Managers. This update provides a consistent way to complete store audits and share data back to corporate offices for more efficient, accurate reporting.

Now, current CoEFFICIENT users can review stores in a single application, instead of using multiple tools, and they can even comment and upload images without connecting to a network. CoEFFICIENT users can also conduct audits on location, sync all data to the web interface, and give the corporate office a ‘roll up’ view of completed audits and scores by segment. In addition, the speech to text feature allows for accurate dictation so District Managers can record their audits quickly and easily. Finally, District Managers can save time, document their store visits on the fly, and quickly report any issues.

What’s new?

  1. Offline Data Storage – Allows users to enter content and upload images in offline mode. Data will automatically sync when the device reconnects to a network.
  2. Voice Dictation – Enables users to capture notes and comments quickly using the speech to text function.
  3. Reporting Roll Up (web view only) – Shows corporate stakeholders real-time average review score and percent completion by territory (district, region, nation, etc.) in the web application.

The updated CoEFFICIENT mobile app is available for download in the iOS App Store or Google Play store, with the Reviews module currently only visible for provisioned customers. Learn more about our mobile application features.

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