How Being a Mom Made Me Better at My Job


DEC. 30, 2016

My first full year of being a working mom is in the books! To be honest, I spent a good chunk of this year rediscovering the joy and purpose in my career. After spending three months in what felt like the most purposeful role—keeping a tiny human alive—the struggle was real. In going through that struggle I found the joy, I found the purpose, and became better at my job.

Here are my top four reasons why!


I’ve always considered myself to be caring, especially when someone was obviously hurting, but I didn’t always instinctively relate to others. Having a child, someone in my life that is more important than my job (sorry, hubby!), is new to me. Navigating that change has not been easy. It’s also made me aware of everyone around me who is navigating their own lives and the intertwined tangle that is personal and professional worlds.


I have to leave work. Seriously, I have to leave work and I now realize that so does everyone around me. Prior to having a child, not only was I efficient with my work, but I devoted a lot of time to it. Turning in less work and sometimes less than perfect work is humbling. It also teaches you to prioritize. My heart may want to write the umpteeth version of orientation, but I can’t skip compensation reports, so compensation reports it is!

“In going through that struggle I found the joy, I found the purpose, and became better at my job.”


There’s a lot of advice and feedback in the mom world. I decided to listen and consider it all, but then only put into use what made sense for our family. In fact the only advice I took wholeheartedly was the notion that no one knows my daughter better than me. It’s the same at work. There’s lots of contradicting feedback. Sifting through it to find what makes sense for your team can be difficult, but it became a lot easier when I decided to start trusting that with all the information at hand, I could go with my gut. No one knows my team better than me.


A few weeks ago I took my daughter to see the Trail of Lights (an Austin holiday spectacle). Watching her experience the magic of the lights shined a new light on the holidays. She thinks differently than I do. It’s truly amazing what having that perspective can do for you. It’s something I’ve been able to bring back into work. The other day I had a conversation with someone about how they struggle when someone takes a professional critique personally. I simply said, “Not everyone thinks like you.” Their response was, “I hadn’t thought of that.” Funny, huh?

I love being a mom and I love my job. This past year was all about finding balance between those two things. Seeing the growth I’ve experienced as an individual add value to Square Root has helped me find the joy and the purpose. I’m able to bring me into work and my experiences make me uniquely qualified to support our team. What I’ve experienced is the heart of our value, THRIVE. Not only has being a mom made me better at my job, but my job has allowed me to be a better mom.

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Courtney brings her creativity to everything she does and Square Root is no exception. She handles a little bit of everything but is especially good at employee relations and HR. Mom to a little girl, Courtney’s compassion and patience keep our team grounded and thriving. Prior to joining Square Root, she spent years in HR for large companies, focusing on culture and employee morale. She knows just what it takes to pull the best out of people and has a knack for inspiring and connecting the right folks. Courtney has a degree in English with minors in philosophy and history from Texas A&M University. When she’s not busy building our award-winning culture, you’ll find Courtney reading, blogging, hula hooping, or spending time with her husband, daughter, two dogs, and cat.