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In early October, we attended the NextPoint conference put on by Connecting Point Marketing Group in Phoenix, Ariz. The conference focused on innovation in retail and connects retailers with technology solutions to improve their operations and customer experience. We weren’t surprised to hear one message over and over again: Retailers are increasingly looking to data-driven solutions to improve their customer experience and increase their bottom-line. Data-driven solutions allow retailers to make more informed decisions about operations and help provide an unparalleled in-store and digital consumer experience for customers.

Read on to learn how we think access to the right data will improve the way retail operates in the 21st century.

Creating a Digital Shopping Experience

Some of today’s biggest brands are looking to connect with their consumers more frequently through mobile apps or eCommerce. With many indicating they want to develop a mobile app soon, it is evident retailers are looking for more ways to interact with their customers outside of the store.

Many retailers are also focusing on increasing their digital marketing efforts to connect with even more consumers on social media and digital platforms. In order to create a seamless customer experience across multiple channels, many also indicated they are interested in providing more omni-channel fulfillment opportunities for their customers. From ordering online and picking up in store to instant delivery to your doorstep, everyone is looking to innovate how consumers are interacting with their brands everywhere.

Managing Data-Driven Operations

With increased pressure to provide a well-rounded and robust customer experience, retailers are looking for ways to improve operations to meet increased demand and tend to competing priorities. They are looking to increase in-store technology to equip store teams and management with more data about inventory, pricing, and promotions.

Equipping store team members with more actionable data allows them to improve operations and to feel empowered to make data-driven decisions in their day-to-day work life. With the right technology in stores, managers and employees can work together to make decisions that will create a seamless and positive customer experience.

Using Data to Design Personalized Shopping Experiences

More consumers than ever expect to be interacting with brands outside of their brick-and-mortar locations. Between social media and mobile apps, customers have the ability to build digital relationships with brands like never before. Technology is at the heart of this revolution, and many brands are looking to blend data science and technology to build personalized shopping experiences. This would allow consumers to see content on digital platforms that is specifically tailored to their interests and purchasing habits.

Brands are hoping that creating more personalized shopping experiences will increase a consumer’s loyalty to their brand and provide an overall more satisfying customer experience. As retailers collect data on consumers through cutting-edge technology, they will be able to make personalized shopping experiences a reality.


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