Recently, I found myself in the market to buy my first car. While shopping, I was overwhelmed with all the choices available today: SUV, crossover, electric, hybrid, engine specs, interior options, technology requirements…the list goes on. With all the tools I had at my fingertips to help me research and narrow down the right choice, I had no clue where to start. After making a spreadsheet and looking at price, features, and consumer reports, I felt like I had to go into the dealership, talk to a human, and just drive the cars themselves. I test drove three different cars, and do you know what sold me? The experience.

In a 2014 survey, McKinsey looked at customer experience across 27,000 American consumers across 14 industries to uncover the importance of the custom journey. They found that “A company’s performance on journeys is 35 percent more predictive of customer satisfaction and 32 percent more predictive of customer churn than performance on individual touchpoints.”

We recently worked with Infiniti to launch CoEFFICIENT® Reviews in order to ensure a consistent customer experience throughout the purchase journey from sales to service, across all dealerships. For Infiniti, we know the journey starts even before you walk through the door and persists through your first service. Everything from the coffee and wifi in the lounge to clear signage and uniforms, to parts availability make an impression on the customer. With Reviews, district managers are held accountable to checking all of these aspects are in place no matter what department or which dealership a customer visits. This is excellence in delivering your brand promise, a big focus for Infiniti.

I love my new car and had a great sales experience overall. More importantly, I’ve enjoyed coming into the dealership for service. I always receive incredible customer service no matter which dealership I visit and feel comfortable that my best interests are taken into account. When there are so many products and companies to choose from these days, customer experience must become the differentiating factor.

From personal experience, I can speak to the importance of consistency in a brand. It can break a relationship, or in my case, gain a loyal customer and spread word of mouth. Want to learn more about the nuts and bolts of integrating CoEFFICIENT Reviews to achieve brand consistency in your customer experience? Download our Infiniti case study.