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Whether implementing a brand new initiative; dealing with competitive threats from nearby stores; or reacting to a crisis like the current flooding we’re experiencing in Texas; CoEFFICIENT® leads multi-unit enterprises to make company-wide changes faster.

With actionable insights rooted in data science and an intuitive process flow built into the platform, CoEFFICIENT enables corporate, field, and store personnel to get aligned, improves field managers’ effectiveness in their day-to-day jobs, and influences store behaviors that directly impact company goals. So how do users leverage CoEFFICIENT in a typical work day? Let’s take a look at the following scenario.

Grilling Displays and the Fourth of July

Michelle Moreno is a District Manager for Alpine Hardware in Austin and San Antonio. She is spending her week walking each of her 13 stores to look at their 4th of July sets before this weekend’s holiday rush. Corporate sent out new planograms detailing a huge grilling display to prepare for the big holiday. Alpine is advertising Weber Propane Gas grills for 25% off in the Sunday circular, the lowest price they have ever run. The company goal for this holiday is to increase average basket size, so the grill display is accompanied by two end caps and a full back wall stocked with a variety grills, tons of patio decor, and grilling accessories. Michelle spends a few minutes looking at her district dashboard in CoEFFICIENT Metrics and identifies that the South Austin store is struggling to meet its sales forecast for the new grilling display this weekend. She makes this her first visit.

Game Plans and Action Items

When Michelle arrives at the grilling section of the South Austin store, she is prepared to run an audit of the grilling section in CoEFFICIENT Reviews. There are about 10 questions she needs to answer and a couple photos she can snap on her phone to capture the accuracy of the display. She immediately sees a gaping hole where the featured Weber grill should be. The store associate explains that they are completely out of stock after 2 days, and he doesn’t see anymore inventory arriving on the next truck. Michelle has to make a game plan fast in order to be prepared for the weekend rush and to help the store meet its forecast. Michelle quickly messages the corporate merchant to ask for a comparable item to flex into this space. She also gets the store manager involved to take a look at the inventory on hand and review the current weekly sales. Together, they decide on a comparable propane grill and honor the advertised price. Michelle creates an action item within CoEFFICIENT for a store associate to execute this change. The associate quickly locates the grill from the back wall, moves it into the main display, and updates the signage. He counts 5 more on hand in the back room. The store manager thanks Michelle with relief and walks off to assist a customer.

Benchmarking and Follow-Ups

After Michelle completes her audit and makes her round of the store, she recaps the visit with the store manager via CoEFFICIENT Notes and Metrics. Here, they have the ability to pull in KPIs for South Austin and see how it benchmarks against the district and other comparable stores by size and revenue across the region. They were forecasting a miss for the week because of the grill issue, but now that a new item is in place with adequate inventory on hand, the store is on track to hit their numbers for the weekend. Michelle reviews a few other follow-up items with the store manager and submits her audit. Details of the entire visit and conversation are captured in one place that is visible to the corporate office as well as the store manager for review. With CoEFFICIENT, Michelle is done with her recap before she walks out the door.

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