The kind that actually teaches you things

I’ve realized there is a huge difference between interning “at” a company and interning “with” a company. I’ve experienced internships that certainly put you in the industry, but only with limited, hands-off responsibilities. Square Root is not that kind of place. I wasn’t just an employee that was just lucky to be in the same room as all of these important decision makers; I was an actual cog in the wheel of marketing, with valued opinions and work. My resume, experiences, and understanding of what marketing for a brand means grew exponentially in my time here. Not only that, but my understanding of what a good company to work for looks like (as described further below) developed and flourished while at Square Root. I’m leaving this internship with a new skill set and mind-set as I enter the workforce.

The kind that genuinely cares about your future

This is an ode to my wonderful bosses at Square Root. Those experiences and resume-builders did not happen by accident. My first days at Square Root (and many of the days throughout) were filled with conversations about what exactly I wanted to get out of this experience, what was currently missing from my resume, and how we could optimize my skills for future jobs. My internship here was less of an internship and more of a mutually beneficial relationship, with bosses who constantly offered their resources and connections to make sure I found success after leaving. The incredible women I worked with were always offering their advice and feedback; “Let us know if you need any references” and “I’d love to read through your resume and cover letters if you’d like me to!” were frequently said at the end of every discussion about my future.

The kind that loves its employees (and shows them every day)

Square Root is really a testament to what a fun and supportive culture can do for company morale and productivity. The office managers and top management strive to make every employee feel like their needs are being met, while instilling a fun-loving atmosphere of perks to the office. You know it’s working when that culture extends beyond the workplace. While here, I watched one of my co-workers perform the wedding ceremony for another; I had deep conversations with my boss about life, relationships, and the future; I won a beer pong tournament as one half of “The Flying Chinchillas”; I met a plethora of office dogs, watched an elaborate office prank unravel before me, ate an unimaginable amount of catered meals, and had some of the best lunches of my life with employees across the company. Square Root really appreciates its employees, and wants them to know they are appreciated every day.

The kind that understands that you’re a student (and a human)

An internship during your final semester as an undergrad can mean a lot of juggling: internship duties, classwork, group project meetings, homework, extracurriculars, and, of course, applying for jobs. The life of a college student is a flexible one, constantly bouncing from one thing to the next. “Flexible work hours” is something that every company seems to boast, but it is something that Square Root really embodies. The aforementioned care that my bosses had for my life and the culture set up at Square Root were a recipe for support: I always felt free to ask to leave a little early for an interview, work from home when I needed to balance other things, or even take a mental health day when my future plans went up in flames. Life happens, and I was so lucky to have a supportive network that understood my constantly changing place in life.

The kind that gives you confidence to take on the world

As I leave Square Root and make my entrance into the full-time world of advertising and marketing, I feel more prepared than I ever thought I would. I got told almost every day what an asset I was—and that provided mountains of confidence as I began my job search. That, plus the network and support I had from my bosses and officemates meant more to me than any other experience here.

In short, my advice is to look for the kind of company that genuinely cares about you and all of its employees; it’s certainly worth it. Thanks for getting me ready for the world, Square Root.

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