Looking for a fabulous way to spend the ATX Startup Crawl? Look no further than the fabulous Square Root! It’s been said that Las Vegas is what heaven looks like at night, and we’ve made a slice of that heaven right here in Austin, Texas. The Radicals at Square Root are ready to mingle, gamble, and party the night away with you. To help you prepare for a night out on the town, we’ve come up with 5 phrases you’re going to need for a glitzy and glamorous night at the Square Root office:

  • “It’s Vegas, baby!” Elvis Presley once said, “This bright light city gonna set my soul on fire.” And to this day, it is unclear if he was talking about Las Vegas or Square Root. Come escape with us for the night and make memories with the Kings and Queens of Square Root. And do not fear: boas, headdresses, and Elvis glasses will be provided at our Square Root photo booth.
  • “I’m all in!” It wouldn’t be Las Vegas without a little bit of gambling, would it? We don’t think so! Shoot the dice and hope for lucky sevens at the craps table or show off your strategy at the blackjack table. By the end of the night, you’ll be saying, “I’m all in!”
  • “Another Mojito, please.” Or maybe a cosmopolitan is your signature drink. Either way, you’ll be indulging in Square Root’s signature cocktails and variety of beer options all night long.* And for snacks? Choose from a royal flush of pizza provided by Stony’s Pizza to keep your energies up and spirits high.
  • “Ooh, Ahh!” Step into the cabaret in the sky!** You’ll be mesmerized by the gravity defying stunts of Austin Oddities’ swinging trapeze and aerial lyra performers. Partner that with a roaming Vegas Showgirl serving up signature cupcakes from The Cupcake Bar, and you’ll be in awe of our extravagant entertainment and delectable desserts.
  • “I do!” When the evening comes to a reluctant close, you’ll have to say farewells to our magnificent Square Root Radicals: daring data scientists, risk-taking engineers, dealing developers, and more. But not to worry. Rumor has it we’ll be getting a visit from your favorite nuptial-delivering, hip-swinging, King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. You can get hitched to Square Root, make memories that will last a lifetime, and we’ll be saying “Come back soon!”

Want to see Square Root under the big lights? RSVP now and join us March 10th!

*Alcohol will be served to anyone 21 and up. Valid I.D.s will be checked at the bar.

**The forecast is predicting rain, but don’t worry, the show must go on and the bright lights will still shine! We’ll have tents to keep you dry under our Vegas sky.