Like in football, having a reliable playbook for district managers (DMs) can be the difference between gaining yards and dropping the ball. DMs must face multi-faceted challenges in communicating corporate strategy across all their stores.

DMs have to scan the field and ensure all stores are confident in their positions before the snap. They must also relay key information about teammates and opponent positions for a stronger strategy against an aggressive market. With the right information received and communicated, DMs can call the right plays for a winning performance.

Challenges of the Gridiron

DMs are the bridge between corporate (coaches) and store managers (receivers). They are responsible for maintaining execution consistency across their stores, aligning goals and initiatives with corporate strategy.

Effective DMs must make detailed assessments of what is happening on the field. They keep a close eye on the performance of their stores, measure and develop corporate standards, and work closely with successful store managers to find ways to strengthen the other stores in the field. With successful analysis, the quarterback makes powerful plays that lead the team to success.

The Playbook: Developing an All-Star District Manager

While in the field, DMs must overcome three major challenges:

  1. Turning raw data into data insights
  2. Ensuring action
  3. Providing accountability

With so much responsibility placed on the quarterback, a comprehensive playbook is vital. This playbook should allow DMs to keep an eye on store performance while ensuring stores execute corporate strategy. It’s about delivering the right information amidst all the noise and following through with successful plays. If given the right platform, DMs can think quickly on their feet to gain the competitive edge.

SRM is Your Ultimate Playbook

With the Store Relationship Management (SRM) platform, DMs can greatly improve the performance of their stores with increased field transparency and opportunities for collaboration.

Deep Access to Data Insights

A major advantage of an SRM platform is access to actionable information and detailed insights on store performance. Platforms like CoEFFICIENT® offer a visually comprehensive dashboard that displays layers of information using key metrics, all in one place. DMs will be able to identify the right information among the overwhelming amount of data available, and then prioritize initiatives and immediate goals using real-time data and notifications.

Unlike other platforms, CoEFFICIENT is configurable to the needs of the user. This will save DMs time and effort while in the field by focusing on data that is directly relevant to the situation.

Actions to Improve Metrics

With centralized data insights, DMs can create action plans that maintain or exceed specific corporate goals. Empowering DMs with the right information allows them to communicate best practices and drive accountability in each of their stores. With relative performance data, DMs can improve low performing stores by sharing what works in their best stores.

Square Root’s CoEFFICIENT SRM platform is designed to eliminate the challenges of working in the field with centralized communications and dashboards. Our software will help DMs align their stores to their corporate strategies with comprehensive KPIs and wide visibility. To learn more about how CoEFFICIENT helped Nissan achieve customer retention across 188 dealerships, read our Case Study now.


Image Source: Elvert Barnes, Copyright 2005