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The other day our marketing manager, Mary, asked me, “what do the awards we’ve won mean to you?” It was a tough question to answer, because I felt full of pride, joy, and fear all the while struggling to articulate those emotions.

I’ve been with Square Root for 2+ years. I’ve seen us grow not just in numbers and number of houses, but I’ve seen our company mature. Like a person, we’ve evolved. Part of this evolution has been around our commitment to our values and the employment experience. Our CEO, Chris, started the company with the goal to hire smart people and treat them really well. We’re still doing that 10 years later, but the ways we’re doing it continue to grow as the needs and employee makeup grow.

We didn’t have maternity leave or a training program back then. We didn’t need it. Now we have both! We’ve also articulated our values and developed culture interviews to help us screen for the best folks to add to our team. As our programs and culture evolve I feel part of that evolution; I feel accountable to the team to continue to push us in the right direction.

As I push Square Root, Square Root also pushes me. I’ve been pushed each day to be the best version of myself and fully embody the happiness captain moniker. Winning these awards is validation that I’m doing something right, that we’re doing something right, and that we’ve got a really kickass group of people.

It’s 10 years down the line and we’re still holding true to the goal to hire smart people and treat them well. That’s pretty special. It’s a reminder that our culture isn’t one person it’s our whole team. Reading the kind words from our team when our Great Place to Work review goes live is like getting a big group hug. It’s rewarding to read what they’ve wrote and know you had a hand in creating something that has impacted their lives in a positive way.

Hopefully I’ve been able to convey to you why our awards matter to me. If you’re interested in why they could matter for your company—join me tomorrow, February 25th at noon CST as I present alongside Great Place to Work and some other stellar culture champions about how to use culture to attract and retain great tech talent. Register now.