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According to Zach Klempf of Selly Automotive, the traditional automotive business model is currently under constant siege from multiple fronts. Technology has changed the car-buying experience and automotive go-to-market strategies. While the digital landscape offers plenty of challenges, it is also one of the largest spaces where automotive companies can find opportunities for performance-driving growth.

As the automotive landscape changes, companies need to reassess what works and what doesn’t to take advantage of every opportunity. To help automotive companies understand and face market-changing challenges, Square Root would like to introduce our new whitepaper, “Driving Forward: Store Relationship Management for Automotive.”

This whitepaper explores some of the major challenges automotive companies currently face and presents recommendations to improve franchise performance and gain a competitive edge.

Do you struggle with any of these questions?

  • How fast are your dealers responding to new model initiatives and market demands?
  • Do you have holistic brand management and an omni-channel approach?
  • How comprehensive is the collaboration between OEM and dealers in your automotive system?
  • What does your system do to correct downturns and underperforming stores?
  • If you have established data collection, how do you tackle action plans to follow up on data?
  • Are your district managers tackling the most important performance-driving issues in dealerships?

It might be time to consider how you can incorporate smart technology to align your automotive franchise system and make your field management a driving force of store performance. Our new whitepaper will help you better understand how technology can align your company and improve performance metrics at your dealerships. Learn more.

Square Root has spent years developing the right technical solutions for some of the biggest players in the automotive industry. We help our customers move forward with significantly improved operational processes. Recently, we worked with a multi-million dollar automotive company to align their disparate operations, consolidate their data, and improve corporate initiatives across 50 district managers and 188 dealerships.

Interested in learning more about Store Relationship Management for Automotive? Download our white paper now.