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Confusing jargon, moving deadlines, and multiple points of contact. That’s what many think of when they start the implementation process with a new SaaS provider. As a company, one of our core values is Partner. We understand we are only as strong as our relationships and we go above and beyond to help our clients succeed. That means experienced professionals, clear project plans, and a small team dedicated to your success. During implementation, our goal is to move with startup speed and agility so you can go live fast and realize value quickly. At Square Root, we accomplish this in three steps: Kickoff, Data Import, and Going Live.


During our kickoff meeting, our account strategist and your new account director will be in attendance, as well as a member of our data science team. During the first half of the meeting, we will work with your team to establish the scope of the project, ensure everyone is in alignment with goals and expectations, and review your implementation project plan and timeline.

Our data scientist will then work with your team to understand the full scope of your data set. This includes uncovering where data lives in your system, who has access to it, and how it will be transferred to our team. We’ll cover our process and discuss desired outcomes so everyone is on the same page.

This first step in our implementation process is meant to introduce you to our team, review the project plan, and better understand your data so we can build clear, achievable deadlines.

Data Import

After the kickoff meeting, our team refines your project timeline and starts working on sourcing your data and importing it into our system to create KPIs and dashboards. During this time, you will  have regularly scheduled development meetings where our team updates your business stakeholders on the progress, as well as brings up any potential issues. We will also introduce you to our training and support specialists, ensuring your team has a clear understanding of the support available to you once the platform goes live.

The goal in the second step of implementation is to integrate your data into your platform and refine your KPIs and dashboards before going live.

“Square Root is not just a vendor, they are a partner and an extension of our team.” – Colin Cooke, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation

Going Live

Introducing a new user group to new software can be difficult. Once the platform goes live, we do everything we can to ease the transition and help your team quickly see results. This includes regular training sessions and a team dedicated to adoption within your user group. When it comes to driving software adoption, we focus on success orientated training, which goes beyond step-by-step instructions by helping your users understand the best ways to add the platform into their workflow. Read more about our philosophy around training.

After implementing our SRM platform, a financial institution saw 95% adoption within just three months. District managers who used the platform said it integrated easily into their workflow and allowed them to have new transparency around important metrics. Read more.

Moving Forward

Implementation is just one step in our ongoing relationship with you as our partner. With regular check ins, a team dedicated to your success, and ongoing training, we are focused on delivering results to your team even after implementation is complete. Are you interested in how Square Root could partner with your team? Contact us to learn more.