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Finding the balance between parenting and working is a whole new challenge. Square Root is joining a growing trend of companies that are flipping the script on parenting in the U.S.

Bringing life into work is the new work-life balance.

I literally bring my life into work each day. Attached to my hip every morning is my daughter. It’s different being at work with her and working rather bizarre hours. However, it’s important to me that she’s with me at work when it makes sense, so it’s important to Square Root. One day I walked in with a baby bouncer. The response was “How quickly can we set this up?” She’s not the only mini-Square Rooter you’ll find in the office. In addition to little ones, you’ll find fur babies in each house. We have snuggles on demand here.

We’ve got that family feeling

How many times have you gone into an interview and heard the team is like family? Square Root has the rare quality of being a company that actually feels like family. Everyone was on pins and needles waiting for my daughter to arrive (a week late of course!) and then anxious to meet her. When she got her first fever each member of the team sought me out to see how she was recovering. It’s not just me that’s a member of the SR family—she is, too, and so is my husband. Perks for him include a scotch collection that he considers his own.

Flexibility is real!

I am no longer on Courtney’s schedule. I used to live by my work calendar. Now I live by my daughter’s schedule. This bothers no one. Candidates often ask me how unlimited PTO and flexible work hours tip in their favor. Their fear is valid; Unlimited PTO and flexible work hours can go so wrong. To do it right you have to believe in what you’re selling and you have to follow it yourself. Everyone in the company takes time off and everyone works the hours that fit their schedule. As long as the work is done and done well—no one bats their eye when I head out at 3 pm to get an afternoon with my girl.

Conclusion: We’re unconventional. No matter where you are in life, we encourage everyone to find the work-life balance that fits them best. Sound like a team you want to join? Check out our open positions now.