According to a survey that we developed with WBR, 52% of district managers (DM) say they visit up to 5 stores per week and an additional 38% visit between 6 and 10 every week. This means DMs spend a lot of time traveling. In a typical week, 51% spend between 5 and 15 hours traveling to stores, and 17% spend more than 15 hours traveling.

Multi-unit retailers need productive and successful DMs to keep store performance high, but travel is a major time commitment and can be a difficult challenge. Schedules are rushed, and traffic is unpredictable. If DMs make the most of their worktime, they can help improve store profits and sales revenues, boost store engagement, and increase customer satisfaction.

DMs must carry what they need with them in their car, and make use of the time they spend traveling. DMs need to stay online, powered-up, and organized. They can work more productively on the road if their organizations empower them with the right tools.

These are just a few of the tools that we know of that can make days spent behind the wheel more rewarding.

Power Accessories

Electronic devices have become a mainstay of DMs. In our survey, they say that they use cell phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and even printers when they are on the road. Even keeping one cell phone charged through an entire day of heavy use can be difficult, and trying to maintain multiple devices on the road is almost impossible. We have a few recommendations for power accessories that can keep district managers powered.

WiFi Applications

DMs must stay connected even when they are on the road. Free wifi spots are an excellent way to reliably connect to the internet without charging the company huge data fees. DMs can find these hot spots on the following apps.

  • Free WiFi Finder connects with Google Maps to pinpoint existing location and find the nearest wifi hub.
  • Osmino shows all wifi spots near existing location with reviews and comments from other users, about the usage and speed.
  • Free WiFi Map shows all wifi connections nearby, but does not distinguish the free wifi from the ones that require passwords. Some users have included passwords in the comments sections.

If DMs need more immediate and comprehensive connection, then we recommend investing in a good mobile wireless router. Most cellphone providers offer one inexpensive routers with specific data plans.

Organization Supplies

Staying charged and connected is the first step, but can DMs actually work effectively from their car? We have a few recommendations for how to make work more portable.

  • The steering wheel desk is designed to be mounted easily on the steering wheel and can be stowed away in between the seats. While parked, the desk can be mounted to provide a surface for laptop, tablets, or notes.
  • The AutoDesk provides a portable desk surface and a large storage area to store files and supplies.
  • Seat organizers fit on the back of seats and store supplies that district managers have to carry on a regular basis—keeping everything organized and clutter-free.

Overall Performance Platform

In order to improve the overall performance of district managers, download the 2015 Square Root District Manager Report and learn more about the challenges that district managers face. Schedule a demo to find out why CoEFFICIENT® is the right platform to empower district managers and drive store performance throughout a complex multi-unit enterprise.