At Square Root, we’ve talked at length on how District Managers play a vital role in organizations with distributed stores. As the link between corporate offices and individual stores, District Managers can be a critical asset to an organization and, when they are used effectively, they can bring strategic programs to life.

To learn more about the role District Managers play within their organizations, we conducted a research study with Worldwide Business Research to analyze how District Managers oversee adoption and execution of corporate mandated programs, their work patterns, challenges and inefficiencies, and the tools and technology they find most useful.

With over 900 respondents across various industries that operate distributed stores, we found District Managers need high quality tools and technology solutions to help with their primary focus of store performance management.

Some of the key findings from the report include:

  • Beyond optimizing store performance, District Managers are agents of change. They turn corporate strategy into a reality at the store level, and build the foundation for innovation at the regional, national, and global scale.
  • District Managers are ready to embrace technology to more effectively run their territories. Software that provides insight into store performance and enables smooth store interactions can be beneficial. Store relationship management is one of the new, purpose-built tools doing this today.
  • District Manager turnover is a costly concern for corporate managers. There is a division in the District Managers workforce today, between those who see it as a long-term career and those who see it as a more temporary job.

At Square Root, we champion District Managers. We pride ourselves in creating software that enables all levels of distributed organizations to have transparency and open communication. This research study shows that more businesses should be employing tools that will help align the corporate office, District Managers, and the individual stores to create long term success for the organization.

To learn more about Square Root’s research study, download the white paper, District Managers: The Links That Turn Corporate Strategy into Reality, here.

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