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When supporting district managers within a multi-unit enterprise, the number of vested stakeholders can be as numerous and complex as the business itself. Corporate managers author business initiatives and district managers are tasked with executing. At the same time, store managers focus on driving their own business performance, which may seem at odds with corporate objectives.

This creates a natural tension between corporate stakeholders and store managers. This tension can make district managers’ roles both crucial and exhausting.

Identifying Greatness

A world-class district manager demonstrates how corporate and store goals are not mutually exclusive. Rather, the best district managers share how these goals are mutually beneficial at the store and corporate levels. However, for district managers to be successful they not only have to bridge the divide between corporate stakeholders and store managers, they also have to work efficiently. For example, they can’t work for 31 hours in a 24 hour day. How does Square Root identify and support the workflows of district managers to become more efficient?

What We Do

We leverage market research to understand the needs and demands of our software users. Among district managers, we spend time understanding their workflow and areas of opportunity where our CoEFFICIENT® platform can help them drive business performance and efficiency. To get there, we follow a three-step process.

District Manager Interviews

Always a good starting point is to interview our end-users. As expected, this may not always be the corporate stakeholders. This initial step usually reveals the first tension in supporting district managers—the priorities of corporate stakeholders may differ from those of the field. These interviews help us better understand and refine how our products deliver business value to the end user, while aligning to the goals of the buyer.

Ride-alongs with District Managers

The best way to understand how district managers support store managers is to follow them on in-person visits. Here we’re able to understand how a field manager works to bridge the gap between delivering what’s valuable to the store managers, while also hitting the goals corporate has set.

Identifying how district managers can best support both corporate and store managers is critical is supporting their workflow. In CoEFFICIENT, we work to replicate these steps to help district managers reduce their effort and increase the effectiveness of the entire field force.

Codifying Best Practices

We replicate the best practices and workflow of high performing district managers to help others in the field improve performance throughout the enterprise. With this approach, you can take someone that is new to the district manager role and quickly ramp them up to perform at a more seasoned level. This ensures that everyone is operating efficiently, driver performance, and delivering on corporate and store goals.

By delivering proven best practice processes through our CoEFFICIENT platform, we can help district managers best address every initiative successfully. This means empowering district managers with the right information and tools to help stores take action and drive change throughout the enterprise.

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