Every summer, SXSW hosts the PanelPicker process to engage the community and help select which panels will be included in the conference lineup for March. The community votes are 30% of the final decision for panels and give the public the opportunity to vote for the topics that interest them. This year, Square Root has submitted two panels for the annual conference, and we need your vote!

Our two panels feature Square Root’s CEO Chris Taylor and our VP of Data Science, Mark Schwarz.

Family Feud: Funding Edition: The feuding never ends! Since childhood, Chris and his brother Rob have been competing against each other. Today they are still competing, but this time it’s on how to fund their businesses. Chris and Rob will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of their different funding paths, how they’ve been successful and what they’ve learned along the way. Don’t miss it!

Talk Nerdy to Me: Why Data Science is the “IT” Job: Square Root’s Mark Schwarz has pulled together an A-list group of data scientists to discuss why data science is today’s sexiest job. With panelists from Indeed, H20, and Streetwise Media, you’ll hear the from vendor and in-house data scientists about what they actually do, how to know if your company needs a data scientist, and what the future looks like for the industry.

We need your help to vote our panels! PanelPicker is open until September 4th so start spreading the word about Square Root. Click on the links to vote now and support your favorite Austin-based business!