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District managers have a unique, yet pivotal, role in the automotive industry. They are always on-the-go, traveling to any one of the 10 to 15 different dealerships they manage. We recently shared the story of two different district managers: Patrick Smith and Erica Bruno. In our conversation, we asked how they are able to best manage their time while maintaining such hectic schedules. They both mentioned the most important part of their workflow is their prep work for each dealer visit. Both typically spend Mondays at their offices, preparing and scheduling their visits for the week. This, they said, set the tone for the work week ahead.

Patrick and Erica are both CoEFFICIENT® users who use the tool to help them quickly get their dealer visits organized. Before CoEFFICIENT, they both had their own methods and processes, but prep work could take up to one fourth of the week! Both Patrick and Erica agree that their time is better spent in stores driving change with the data and tools the platform provides.

While preparing, district managers typically ask themselves three main questions:

  • Which dealerships need my attention this week?
  • What will I talk about with each general manager?
  • How can I do this effectively?

In order to maximize their effectiveness and truly make a difference, it is important that district managers work to answer these questions.

Which Dealerships Need My Attention?

Many district managers struggle with collecting information from a lot of different places, like excel reports, email exchanges, handwritten notes, etc. Digging through this information can provide them with a lot of data—but not actionable insights. WIth CoEFFICIENT, district managers are able to focus on easy-to-digest insights that are based on KPIs set by corporate stakeholders. These KPIs give district managers an idea of who is underperforming in their territory and who needs their attention most that week. On the flip side, they also gain an understanding of which dealers are hitting their targets but could also improve in specific areas. This insight helps district managers create agendas for their visits, giving them a clear understanding of what actions are needed for dealerships to achieve their goals.

What Will I Talk About?

Low performing dealers may not always understand why their numbers are low. Part of a district manager’s job is to help them understand why and what needs to happen to improve their performance. At times, it can be difficult to achieve buy-in from dealers on what will actually help them hit their targets. CoEFFICIENT provides district managers the data they need to share where dealers can improve and the data to back up their recommendations.

With CoEFFICIENT, district managers are equipped with the tools to communicate how the dealership is performing in relationship to others in their territory or even at the national level. This kind of data transparency provides district managers an easy prep and helps them build an agenda quickly. During their visit they can act more as a coach, helping them empathize with the general managers and getting buy-in on their recommendation on how to improve performance.

How Can I Do This Effectively?

District managers sometimes find themselves digging through data contained in outdated reports, spreadsheets of raw data that often require a lot of work to digest, or just random email exchanges with general managers and corporate. When none of their data is in the same place, it can make it hard for district managers to get organized, build their agendas, and get on the road. The solution is having a central repository where district managers not only see their metrics in one place, but where they can collaborate with their corporate stakeholders as well.

CoEFFICIENT provides a tool where corporate stakeholders, district managers, and store managers can connect in one workspace. There they can upload documents and input data for all their reports. This gives the field one place to go to locate necessary information quickly and efficiently.

District managers have a difficult job and essentially represent their corporate stakeholders to dealers and general managers. CoEFFICIENT can give them the tools they need to successfully complete their dealer visits, drive visibility, and improve communication while minimizing their efforts. Interested in learning how CoEFFICIENT can help make your field force more effective? Check out our Field Force Optimization solutions.