CoEFFICIENT® Improves Customer Retention at Nissan Canada

CoEFFICIENT made dealers at Nissan Canada 2X more likely to hit targets and secure quarterly bonuses.


• Drive alignment and focus toward a common goal

• Consolidate data and create a central repository of information

• Encourage cross-functional adoption and participation

• Provide organization-wide visibility into performance

Nissan Canada Inc (NCI) wanted to reward district managers for activities that lead to high customer retention and satisfaction. With the help of CoEFFICIENT, they launched a company-wide rewards program.

Drive Change

Alignment Across the Organization

• Nissan Canada’s AfterSales, Customer Quality, and Finance departments pooled their resources to create a dealer incentive program with CoEFFICIENT

• Six months of soft launch communications prepared the company

• The program was rolled out to 50 district managers and 188 dealerships, with training support to help drive adoption

Transparency and Accountability

• Thirteen data feeds powering sixteen metrics were consolidated into one dashboard to provide visibility into dealership performance

• A clear view of KPIs helped users understand how their actions could help them hit quarterly targets and bonus incentives

“CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales enabled us to gather sales information over the weekend without the direct involvement of our field teams. The process is more efficient and data is more accurate due to the increased usage by our dealers thanks to the ease of use of the system.”








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