One of the first things I noticed about Square Root when I first joined 18 months ago was how ethnically and generationally diverse the company was. The best part was that it was completely organic; SR just hired the best person for the role. We still do. However, our team was lopsided in the male to female ratio. We knew there were smart women out there—the question was, how do we find them?

We decided to promote the benefits we offered that would interest women + make some changes to show our commitment to women on the team.


Square Root offers flexible hours, work from home, + unlimited PTO. It’s not a smoke and mirrors policy either. We truly believe getting the best out of people doesn’t mean the most hours in the office. This type of flexibility allows for working moms (and dads!) to take the time they need. If your child has a cold, no problem—stay at home!

Maternity Leave!

As a soon-to-be first-time mom, Square Root’s vamped up maternity leave policy makes me oh so happy. It’s 8 weeks paid + with optional Short Term Disability, you get 11 weeks paid and then you have the option of working from home the 12th week to ease back into work.

Women’s Empowerment!

We have women sprinkled throughout each team, so to make sure we bring together all the women in the office we have dedicated outings called Women’s Empowerment. I must admit our first one was a bit more about bonding than empowerment—it was a night of tapas + dancing to the Spazmatics in 80’s wear. We’ve gotten better since then. Our next outing is a Women in Tech panel on July 29th.

Caring + Support!

SR genuinely cares about each member on the team. Throughout my pregnancy I’ve been given the ability to take the time that I need for appointments, rough days of morning sickness, and daycare visits. I’ve also been given lots of challenging work. My biggest fear when telling my team I was pregnant was that I would be so cared for that I wouldn’t get those assignments that make you jump out of bed in the morning. My team really let me take the lead and never assumed I couldn’t tackle something, but whenever I did need the extra hands they were right there to seamlessly step in. I couldn’t ask for more.

It’s not surprising to me that SR has been able to attract some ridiculously talented women in Austin over the past year. Today, the SR team is a third women + has women in every department and at each level.

We certainly don’t want to stop there! If you’re thinking SR sounds like your color of crayon please send in your resume today— I’m about to take my 12 weeks of maternity leave to enjoy time with my little sweet pea, but we have the multi-talented Emily on hand to handle all your recruiting needs!