CoEFFICIENT® Delivers Faster, More Accurate Weekend Sales

Since launch, a major automotive OEM saw a 3X increase in reporting rates, 56% improvement in data accuracy, and a reduction in administrative overhead for the field.


• Put reporting in the hands of dealers

• Increase dealer participation

• Improve accuracy in dealer reporting

• Decrease administrative overhead for the field

Increase Dealer Participation

In order to get more accurate data faster, the OEM decided to go directly to the source. In the past, they had to rely on district managers to chase down sales numbers for every dealer and submit the data via spreadsheets. With CoEFFICIENT, dealers were able to enter data directly into the web application on Sunday nights. To drive participation from dealers, automated email reminders were sent every Saturday to prompt data entry. More importantly, if dealers participated they were able to see sales for all other dealers so they can compare their weekend sales to others in their district.

Drive Accuracy

They not only wanted higher participation, they wanted more accurate data as well. In order to achieve this, the district managers received a monthly variance report in CoEFFICIENT, which details actual sales versus self-reported sales. This empowered district managers to have data-driven conversations with their dealers, decreasing the variance in dealer reporting.

Decrease Administrative Overhead

As a byproduct, district managers with participating dealers noted an improved work-life balance. The OEM received feedback from their field that weekend sales reporting took away from their weekends. After deploying CoEFFICIENT, the tool is now saving 150 area and district managers about an hour’s worth of administrative time on Sunday nights.

“CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales enabled us to gather sales information over the weekend without the direct involvement of our field teams. The process is more efficient and data is more accurate due to the increased usage by our dealers thanks to the ease of use of the system.”



Since the launch of CoEFFICIENT Weekend Sales, dealer participation increased from 25% to 77%, variance in reporting improved by 56%, and administrative overhead decreased.








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