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Solve challenges. Move forward with clarity.

One thing we know to be true is that every project engagement will be different. Our rigorous problem exploration and solution approach gives our customers confidence in what we deliver.

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Our Analytics Approach

We start each project by getting immersed in your business, so that we can better understand your challenges and opportunities. Then, we gather data from all corners of your business, prep it for analysis, and validate its accuracy. Next comes the really fun part. We roll our sleeves up, dig into your data, and mine it for insights. With the rigor of data science, we quickly uncover what’s really going on and provide a fact-driven path forward.

Product Deployment & Integration Services

Because we’re committed to making our customers successful, we manage beginning to end deployment of our products. The varying organizational complexity of our enterprise partners makes each product deployment a little bit different. Our product deployment and integration services typically include:

Services Process

Brand Compliance

Updating design to match your brand look.

Data Integration

Warehousing, mining, and analysis.


Developing functionality to meet your unique business needs.

Training & Support

Training your people and resolving any issues they may have.

Platform Updates

Regular and automatic platform enhancements.


Ongoing support for custom features and data integration.

Project Analytics

For big companies, understanding how to improve can be especially challenging. We think the best way to get to the root of a business problem is to get to know the data. That’s why many of our partnerships start out with quick turnaround analytics projects.

Data always has a story.  We tell it.

We’re astrophysicists, chemists, mathematicians, philosophers, linguists, writers, and engineers – of every kind.  Our analytics services team specializes in investigating data (especially the really complex kind), deciphering what it means, and sharing actionable insights. With every project, we work closely with our customers to understand their businesses, and use advanced analytics to help them problem solve and innovate.

The Square Root team of expert data scientists is particularly good at:

  • Strategic customer insights analysis
  • Retail and sales operation auditing
  • Product lifecycle decision optimization

Specialty Areas

We’re confident that whatever your operational challenge, we have the skills to develop advanced algorithms that accelerate your performance. But, there are a few areas where we stand out: inventory optimization and new product market development (particularly electric vehicles).

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Inventory Optimization

Order with confidence.

Figuring out where, when, and how many products you can sell is difficult to master. We believe in letting the data lead you. Our inventory stocking tool uses in-depth data analysis to provide smart recommendations that help large companies optimize ordering to meet specific goals.

  • Analyze

    With your sales and market data, we build an inventory optimization model to accomplish your goals – whether that’s maximized profits, market growth, or you name it. Then, we apply the model logic in a web-based tool for you to use.

  • Recommend

    Making informed ordering decisions for your sales markets is as easy as a click of button. Stocking recommendations are provided through our web tool down to the zip code level.

  • Adjust

    When your goals change, just ask us to update your inventory optimization model.

The Electric Vehicle Information Exchange

Intelligence to drive an industry.

EVIX is a centralized platform that brings together automotive, energy, and government stakeholders to collaborate and share vital market planning information and analysis. Today, Square Root provides data insights to automakers, charging equipment companies, utilities, and city planning agencies through the EVIX platform, allowing them to make more informed decisions to move the market forward.


EVIX Market Planning Reports: keeping the lights on when cars plug-in.

When it comes to electric vehicle adoption and electricity infrastructure, every market is different. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the impact of electric vehicle charging – especially during peak hours of electricity consumption. Square Root provides planning reports to determine the electrical infrastructure risk level on a market by market basis. The EVIX market planning reports clarify what’s really going on, and help utilities and governments make better infrastructure decisions.

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