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Intelligence to drive the EV market.

The Electric Vehicle Information Exchange


The Electric Vehicle Information Exchange (EVIX) is a centralized platform that brings together automotive, energy, and government stakeholders to collaborate and share vital market planning information. Today, Square Root provides data insights to automakers, charging equipment companies, utilities, and city planning agencies through the EVIX platform, allowing them to make more informed decisions to move the market forward.

Market Planning Reports

Keeping the lights on when cars plug-in

When it comes to electric vehicle adoption and electricity infrastructure, every market is different. There’s a lot of uncertainty about the impact of electric vehicle charging – especially during peak hours of electricity consumption. Square Root provides planning reports through the EVIX web platform to determine the electrical infrastructure risk level on a market by market basis.

The EVIX market planning reports clarify what's really going on, and help utilities and governments make better infrastructure decisions.

EVIX Process

EV Information Finder


The benefits of driving electric, all in one place

Going electric is a big decision. People want to know the benefits before they switch to an EV. Most websites and applications hinder more than help because they don’t provide a complete view.

Square Root’s Electric Vehicle Information Finder app makes it easy for people to learn about all of the great benefits of driving electric vehicles – in one place.

It’s easy to use. All you have to do is enter your zip code, and the Finder shows you:

  1. Available incentives
  2. Utility contact and program information
  3. EV organizations you can join
  4. Dealerships with available vehicles

The Finder app is ideal for companies and organizations focused on increasing demand for electric vehicles. It covers all U.S. zip codes and can be quickly and easily integrated into any website. It’s a turnkey learning solution: hosted and maintained by Square Root and customized to your website look for a seamless user experience.

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