Comprehensive performance engagement

for operators of large enterprises.

The CoEFFICIENT platform helps everyone in the retail channel understand the state of the business, focus on what’s most important each day, and exceed performance goals.

Performance 360 on Computer


Get organization-wide visibility into business goals, activities and performance.


Optimize processes, pinpoint opportunities, and ensure people are working on the right things.


Connect everyone, making it easy to share ideas, insight, and documents across all levels.


Sustain improvements by continuously tracking actions and their impact.

How it works

Useful Data

The platform systemizes and analyzes your data, making business insights accessible and contextually relevant to every user in your retail operations channel.

Performance Applications

Integrated applications use the intelligence of the platform to help users gain information, manage processes, track progress, and collaborate on various day to day tasks.

Who needs it?


Corporate Managers

Evaluate program performance from the national level down to the individual store level. Manage activities and facilitate communication across your field, vendor, and store locations.


Field Operations Managers

Easily schedule and manage appointments with store managers. Use the best data to advise and track store performance, automatically pinpoint issues, and prioritize actions to help stores improve.


Store Managers

View performance metrics for your store and in relation to other stores, understand how corporate goals impact you, easily access important documents, and collaborate with one another.

Integrated Performance Applications


See all of your metrics in one convenient place



Securely share files and resources in a snap



A program-specific view of performance


Action Plans

Manage daily improvement activities



Real-time collaboration and open dialogue


Contact Reports

Keep a legal record of interactions



Schedule and view daily store contacts


Platform Benefits

These are a few of the many things we think you’ll come to love about CoEFFICIENT

Software as a Service

There’s no hardware or software to install and manage, making setup cost effective and fast.

Brand Compliant

You can choose to have the platform customized to your brand design standards.

Full Integration

Seamless integration with existing systems, including single sign-on services.

Role-based Access

Set permissions by role, giving users access to only what they need.

Cloud Based

It’s accessible pretty much anywhere – except maybe on a remote mountain top.

Responsive Design

The UI adapts to any screen size, making it easy to use on all types of devices.

Open Platform

Can be configured and customized to meet the specific needs of your business.

Multi-layered Security

Highest level of platform security, ensuring your data is only accessible to approved users.

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